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The Quay's First Film Festival - The results!

Well, 24th & 25th June was a first for The Quay, with our inaugural Film Festival, featuring 12 short films and 5 feature films from the United States, Mexico, France, England and Ireland, chosen from over 560 international competitors through 'Film Freeway', the top internet hub for festivals the world over.

We started on the Saturday with what I'd like to call 'positive panic' whereby I was panicking and the co-organiser Mark, was remaining positive in the face of potential technical disaster!  In the nick of time, a crisis was averted with the heroic loaning of a laptop from Geoff at Quay Lane Garage (surely that now makes them official sponsors?) which enable us to actually SHOW the films on the big screen.

Although the turnout was small, the enthusiasm for the concept and for the films picked was extremely high, and we had representatives for three of the films in attendance.  Having been to many film festivals, they were all incredibly encouraging and we learnt so much over the two exciting days that will spur us on to really make it an extraordinary, well attended event in Autumn next year.

Having seen animation, romance, horror, a thriller, documentaries, and ending on a truly original and shocking movie from France, the judges spent an hour and a half discussing and grading the entries.  All six judges had very different viewpoints but in the end, all agreed that the right films won the (soon to be coveted) Quay Film Festival 2017 trophy for Best Feature and Best Short.

And the winners were:

Best Short: 'Fat Freddie's Drop', set in Ireland and following the move of a teenager to a new town where he is given a terrible ultimatum following a football match on his new street, with local teens.  Fat Freddy is a goldfish by the way - to which our main character is intrinsically linked.  Terrific twist at the end, and our judges unanimously agreed that of all the Shorts, this one had the best story and character arc, with believable storytelling throughout.

Best Feature: 'Happy Hunting' - This was a closer call as most of the judges had different favourites and the features were all starkly different from each other.  This US film has everything that you would expect from a thriller.  The grizzled alcoholic central character, the hick town in the middle of desert country, our hero fighting against the odds time and again to stay alive.  And they didn't back out of a grim (but funny) ending.  Super film and utterly engaging - we wouldn't be surprised if this gets a limited release in cinemas.

All in all, a success and we can't wait to start work on the next one!

Organisers: Sharon Buckler & Mark Vella

With thanks to our amazing judges:

Stephen Thrower – Film Writer, Artist & Musician
Simon Frampton – Film Lecturer & Filmmaker
Benjamin Pegley – Film Blogger & Musician
Joy Mellins – Filmmaker, Producer, Writer & Lecturer
Martyn Hall – Filmmaker, Visual Effects Producer, Writer & Director
Ahmed Jamal – Filmmaker & Director


picture - still from 'Happy Hunting'

Directors – Joe Dietsch / Louie Gibson
Producers - Bryson Pintard / Jeff Kalligheri / Joe Toronto
Key Cast - Martin Dingle Wall / Kenny Wormald