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Testament of Yootha


Testament of Yootha

Tickets: £13.00
2019-09-22 19:00

70's sitcom star Yootha Joyce, dubbed a "lovely lady who never complained" by Kenneth Williams. has had enough. Of the fans, the typecasting, the brandy, the summer seasons, the pants suits and the constant hiding of any feelings that might be dubbed less than ladylike. And she's going to be heard. Fasten your seatbelts, it's the last will and testament of a tartar in waiting.

This is the third solo show from Award Winning actress and writer Caroline Burns Cooke. And the Rope Still Tugging Her Feet (2016)and Proxy (2018) have between them have won an Argus Angel, a Fringe Guru Outstanding Theatre nomination, an Infallibles Theatre nomination, an Ike Award for Oustanding Theatre and, a Prague Fringe Outstanding Individual Performance,

Written by Mark Farelly and Caroline Cooke
Directed by Mark Farelly