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Suffolk Day Talk with Charlie Haylock


Suffolk Day Talk with Charlie Haylock

Tickets: £10.00
2020-06-21 19:30

Quote - On Facebook to the Quay Theatre, Sudbury, after Suffolk Day Talk in 2019
"It was excellent, we thoroughly enjoyed it ! Let's have him back soon please !"

The mini-series of Suffolk Day Talks are an eccentric look at spoken Suffolk . . . explaining how the dialect evolved . . .and why Suffolk is the most important dialect in the evolution of the English language . . . . and how the seed of spoken English was first set in Suffolk.

Charlie will explain a few phrases and oddities peculiar to Suffolk . . . but . . . are they so odd and peculiar ? . . .Charlie thinks not ! !

He will give his popular and much requested dialect tour of the British Isles and further afield, and will demonstrate the different facial expressions and varying movements of the mouth of different English dialects.

Charlie will also explain how Suffolk is the basis of the Australian dialect . . . and it's a lot more than just convicts ! A lot more. . . .

The Suffolk Day Talks are very informative and highly entertaining. . . not to be missed ! ! . . especially at The Quay Theatre on 21st June . . . . Suffolk Day ! !