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Menotti's 'The Telephone'


Menotti's 'The Telephone'

Tickets: £14.00
2019-08-24 19:30

Menotti’s Comic Opera: The Telephone, featuring baritone, Mark Saberton fresh from Covent Garden and the international Coloratura Soprano, Lisa Cassidy. The first half traverses the minefield of courtship, complimented by a second half of passion and love in the form of song and duets. Not to be missed.

Menotti’s ‘The Telephone’ or ‘L’amour à trois’ is a gem of operatic comedy, presenting an attempted marriage proposal alongside endless phone interruptions (how very modern!).

This bijou one act opera is followed by a second half of music, featuring composers including Peter Warlock, Samuel Barber and Roderick Williams, which traces the journey of myriad conversations and musings on that delightful tyrant, Love.

Mark Saberton returns to the Quay Theatre following his popular 2014 and 2017 appearances. On this occasion the show features the wonderful coloratura soprano Lisa Cassidy. Acclaimed pianist Matthew McCombie accompanies again after making a great impression in the concert here two years ago.