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Tickets: £13.00 (Students £10.00)
2019-05-17 19:30


1979, on a beach in Brazil, a drowning man is forced to face his past.

The notorious Doctor of Auschwitz, Joseph Mengele, escaped to South America where he lived a full life, ultimately drowning after suffering a seizure whist swimming. This award winning play imagines him washed ashore and confronted by what he assumes to be the local peasant woman who has ‘saved’ him. Flattered and entranced by this enigmatic presence he is seduced into attempting to defend the indefensible…

‘Mengele’ is created with advice and support from The Holocaust Educational Trust whose Regional Ambassadors in Scotland collected over £1000 in donations post show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

“The Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) are delighted to show our support for this vitally challenging piece of theatre that seeks to highlight the horrors of where hatred, racism and prejudice lead when groups and individuals stand by in their wake. Not only will you leave deeply moved by and empowered with knowledge from the piece - you will also have the option to channel this energy into a cause which actively combats modern-day racism.”