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A History of Spoken English


A History of Spoken English

Tickets: £10.00 (Fundraiser)
2019-06-19 19:30

This is not a talk on split infinitives, and what the differences are between the past participle and the past tense. Definitely not!
Charlie will show us how the seeds of spoken English were first set. He will also show us how each invading force affected the English language, and the different sounds they brought; from the Angles and Saxons to the Vikings and Normans. How was Shakespeare really spoken? The effect of the Renaissance; the religious input; and how England, by being a trading nation creating an Empire, adopted words from across the globe into the English language.

The show will include a dialect tour of the British Isles and further afield, and demonstrate the different facial expressions of each dialect . . . and how a deaf person he knows can tell what dialect a person has . . . just by lip reading.

Find out how Suffolk is the basis of the Australian dialect . . . and it's a lot more than just convicts ! A lot more...

There will also be a few Suffolk oddities . . . and explanations as to how they evolved . . . and perhaps not so odd after all.

Very informative and highly entertaining.