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Funny Faces


Funny Faces

Tickets:£14.00 (Friends £13.00)
2019-10-24 19:30

A double bill of two beautifully written plays based on the lives and loves of two British legends, Sid James and Joan Sims.

JOAN SIMS takes a walk down memory lane in 'SIMPLY JOAN'.
Join JOANIE as she reflects on her professional work and her private heartache, sometimes hilariously, often touchingly, as we witness her determination to ‘Carry On’!

'WOT SID DID' sees SID JAMES in his stage dressing room in the hour before his last performance. SID’s in a pensive mood as he looks back on his career, his life and his lost love – BARBARA WINDSOR. A funny poignant play about one of Britain’s most loved comic actors.

What they are saying about 'Funny Faces'

'enthralling from the first line until the last’ – Behind The Arras ****

‘.... minimally staged and reliant on two strong actors who can each hold their audience for the best part of an hour.
Nash and Dimmer achieve this with ease: their performances are charismatic and convincing. Funny Faces is a satisfying show featuring two outstanding performances: very definitely worth seeing if you get the chance.’– Love Midlands Theatre