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Backlash Ballroom: Strictly Movies


Backlash Ballroom: Strictly Movies

Tickets: £19.00 (Friends £18.00)
2018-10-06 15:00

Production Company:Strictly Theatre Co.

A Ballroom & Latin dance explosion, Backlash Ballroom is a dance spectacular featuring six professional Ballroom & Latin dancers plus a world class singer.

Choreographed by Richard Miller and Produced by Paul Irving. This is a night to remember with dances such as the Waltz, the Quick Step, The Argentine Tango & The Charleston to name just a few.
An intoxicating dance performance guaranteed to wow!

Featuring a wonderful soundtrack including some great homages to movies plus beautiful
lighting, if you like Strictly Come Dancing, you will LOVE Backlash Ballroom.

Check out a video here: