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Adult Panto: Mother Goosed!


Adult Panto: Mother Goosed!

Adult Panto: Mother Goosed!
Tickets: £15.00
2021-12-08 19:30

Production Company:Kick In The Head

Over 18s Only!

Theatre2u present this ridiculously daft adult panto full of bad taste, baseness, rude jokes, cheesy songs, Shakespearean insults and a good dose!

Prepare to have your sides split with laughter as the great big Goose lays a golden pair!

But what should Mother do with this golden pair? Give them to Idle Jack? Or is it time he grew his own?!


All will be revealed!


Perfect pandemic relief for actors looking for serious work and an audience looking for serious relief.

We intend to offend everyone so don't take any of it personally!
It’s going to be magic! It’s going to awful! A happy ending is guaranteed! Oh yes it is!