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Film Club

Film Club

Film Club meets once a month. It is membership only - £40.00, payable in cash £12.00 for a one off session.

Each screening is introduced by Simon Frampton. After each screening a discussion group will take place for those who desire it.  The club's emphasis is to join like-minded people and give us all an excuse to watch some remarkable and often overlooked films.

For information about the club or details of future club dates
please ring Simon Frampton on 01787 580453.

Thursday March 9th 10.30am

Ken Russell and the Great Composers.

Tickets £40 per 4 sessions.  Or £12.00 for a one-off trial (join on the day)

The maverick British film director’s career was defined by music. He said on more than one occasion that if he had the talent, he'd rather have been a composer than a film-maker.

Film Club in this session will look exclusively at the full length features and tv documentaries that Russell made about his passion for music. We are lucky that some of the earliest pieces he made for the BBC Monito series including Elgar (1962), The Debussy film (1965) and Song of Summer (1968) have recently become available again. These short films were masterpieces and are very fondly remembered by those fortunate enough to see them first time around.

Thursday April 13th April 10.30am

Modern German Cinema and its fascination with the past.

German Cinema today has a renewed interest in considering Germany’s turbulent political past. In this session I will be considering both German and Austrian film makers who have made exceptional films about Germany. Hardly surprising to say that Berlin and the ramifications of The Wall feature highly in many of these films. The titles I will look at perhaps best illustrate the purpose of this talk. The Lives of Others (2006), Good Bye, Lenin! (2003) White Ribbon (2009), Das Versprechen, (1994), Der Brocken, (1991) .

Tickets £40 per 4 sessions.  Or £12.00 for a one-off trial (join on the day)