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Film Club

Film Club

Film Club meets once a month. It is membership only - £40.00, payable in cash £12.00 for a one off session.

Each screening is introduced by Simon Frampton. After each screening a discussion group will take place for those who desire it.  The club's emphasis is to join like-minded people and give us all an excuse to watch some remarkable and often overlooked films.

For information about the club or details of future club dates
please ring Simon Frampton on 01787 580453.


Thursday May 11th 10.30am

Alec Guinness CH CBE                           

Tickets £40 per 4 sessions.  Or £12.00 for a one-off trial (join on the day)

Sir Alec Guinness one of Britain’s best loved actors was at home on the stage, television and radio. However it is his extraordinary cinema career that makes him stand out from his contemporary knights of the theatre. A very successful career on the stage, ran concurrently with his much loved performances in the Ealing comedies and his important collaborations with David Lean starting with Great Expectations. He won his best actor Oscar for his portrayal of Colonel Nicholson in The Bridge on the River Kwai in 1957.


Thursday June 8th 10.30am


Shirley MacLaine                                                  


Tickets £40 per 4 sessions.  Or £12.00 for a one-off trial (join on the day)

Shirley MacLaine is one of Hollywood's legendary leading ladies,

Born on April 24, 1934, in Richmond, Virginia, Shirley MacLaine grew up with sibling Warren Beatty and went on to Broadway. In the mid-1950s, she started working in film, with a decades-long career in classics like Can-CanThe ApartmentSweet CharityIrma La Douce and Terms of Endearment, for which she won an Oscar. She is also a prolific writer, having authored several books. In 2013, she received the Kennedy Center Honors.


Thursday July 13th 10.30am


Importance of Sound Design In Film

Tickets £40 per 4 sessions.  Or £12.00 for a one-off trial (join on the day)

This month I want to look at the use of sound in films. Chiefly I will be concentrating on diegetic sound that is sound that is sourced from within the logic of the film’s world. So we will not be looking at soundtracks! Sound, often seen as the poorer cousin to cinematography, is in fact one of the most creative of all the cinema processes and as Robert Bresson said can bring us closest to the human experience. This month gives us the wonderful opportunity to consider films from all eras and nationalities. Imagine the D Day landing section in Private Ryan without sound. I think this could be a particularly exciting session!


Thursday August 10th  10.30am


Canadian Cinema                                                  August 10th

Tickets £40 per 4 sessions.  Or £12.00 for a one-off trial (join on the day)


Living adjacent to the largest film producing nation on the planet has certainly overshadowed Canada’s film industry. Canadian actors, directors, producers and other film workers often end up being involved in projects south of the border and American films are frequently filmed in Canada.

When looking at significant Canadian films, spanning decades and covering a wide variety of genres, themes and styles, a more coherent picture begins to emerge. Certain not-always-so-obvious elements reveal themselves continuously – Canadian self-deprecating humour, emotionally charged drama, tight connections to various ethnicities of immigrant populations, beautiful vistas and homages to nature. Expect some beautiful and testing films from this lecture.