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The Strange Doors


The Strange Doors

Tickets: £15.00 (No Concessions)
2017-08-26 19:30

The Strange Doors are the UK’s most authentic tribute to the legendary American band The Doors.

Audiences can expect ad-libbed poetry, a singer that jumps into the air and writhes on the floor (whilst conjuring the Lizard King with his rich baritone voice), those crisp organ sounds of Ray Manzarek cutting through the air with beautiful precision, bluesy slide guitar and powerful, yet subtle drumming that punctuates the music and vocals. The music of The Doors continues to have the beguiling power to reach into souls in a way no other music can, whether it be the moving intrigue of Riders On The Storm, the expansive energy of L.A. Woman or the sheer exuberance of the out-and-out rock classic, Light My Fire.

The Strange Doors invite audiences to immerse themselves in the vibe, to move to the hypnotic beat and to break on through to the other side.

Is everybody in? The Ceremony is about to begin...