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James Phelan: Trickster


James Phelan: Trickster

Tickets: £14.00 (No Concessions)
2018-04-28 19:30

James Phelan presents his unique magical prank show that is both jaw-dropping and laugh out loud funny. A night of light entertainment described as extraordinary in The Mirror and legendary by The Sun.
A night of hilarious, mind-blowing magic in a show where anything can happen – and quite often does. People are tricked, phones are destroyed, needles are swallowed – no-one is safe.
Nephew of the late Paul Daniels, James has been storming it online in the last twelve months whilst gaining a lot of traction in the national press

Gaining almost 200,000 social media followers of his own, his videos have an average of around 400,000 views.

“Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new acts of the year” – The Princess Trust
“James has a great style to what he does” – Paul Daniels
“James has a real cheeky charm” – The Radio Times
“He was extraordinary” – The Mirror
“This guy is a legend” – The Sun
“You are really good, that was incredible. Maybe magic exists” – Simon Cowell
“The best thing I’ve seen all year, ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ” – My Mother