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Tickets: Tues, Wed £9.00, Thurs, Fri, Sat £10.00
2017-11-03 19:45

Production Company:Sudbury Dramatic Society

It’s 2012; and amidst the flag waving fervour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, one couple find the costs of living in the capital too much to bear and decide to downsize and downshift their middle-class life to a small town in the north of England.
To try and break the ice and integrate themselves with their new surroundings, Emily and Oliver invite their neighbours, bimbo-esque Dawn and footie fanatic Alan, round for ‘drinks and nibbles.’
During a catastrophic evening of olives, cashews and beer swigged from the can, class and culture collide in a mix of tragic and hilarious consequences.

Think Alan Ayckbourn combined with John Godber with a bit of Mike Leigh thrown in and you’re in the right area. Invincible is a powerful yet very funny modern drama that won high praise from various critics, indeed, if you enjoyed Leigh’s classic Abigail’s Party, then Invincible will strike a chord.

This is an amateur production