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History Sundays 2018


History Sundays 2018

Tickets: £7.00 (£36.00 for season of 6)
2018-03-04 19:30

Production Company:Quay Productions

Talk 1: Speaker: Anne Grimshaw
‘Broad Stripes and Bright Stars’
Why do American tourists make a pilgrimage to a cottage in Sudbury’s Cross Street? What role did Sudbury women unwittingly play in the fight for American independence? And how did American women take a product from Sudbury and immortalise it in a nation’s anthem? It’s a surprising and little known story. Before you come to the talk, read the words of the American national anthem.

Talk 2: Speaker: Sue Tibbetts
‘The ordinary man, with an ordinary job and an ordinary house’
From material given to the Sudbury Ephemera Archive, Sue has pieced together the story of three generations of the Mole Family who worked as maltsters, greengrocers and postmen in the town