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History Special - Peter Cooper


History Special - Peter Cooper

Tickets: £7.00
2017-04-30 19:30

Peter Cooper and young musicians from Selwyn College, Cambridge will present a 'musical lecture' illuminating the lives of Sir George Murray Humphry, famous Victorian surgeon, born in 1820 in Sudbury's Hardwicke House; his son Alfred, who often frequented Sudbury and was the Bursar of Selwyn College, 1884-1900 and his wife Lizzie, diarist and mother to their children, all who lived in Grove Lodge on the south side of the Fitzwilliam Museum.

This musical lecture will present 'galloping' piano music played to small children by the elderly widow of Charles Darwin (the most eminent child-minder in Cambridge; 'Sweet and Low' by Tennyson and Barnby; a hymn for prostitutes and an arrangement for an 1880s dance band of the Prince Albert Victor Waltz, as danced at one of Lizzie's renowned house dances in Grove Lodge.