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Akenfield Special


Akenfield Special

Tickets: £5.00 (No concessions)
2018-01-07 19:30

Production Company:River Stour Festival

A special showing of 'Akenfield' as part of the River Stour Festival. We are hoping to have a special appearance by Ronald Blythe himself, along with Lord Andrew Phillips. There will be a short audio interview with Ronald Blythe preceding the main screening if an appearance is not possible (filmed this year).

Tom (Garrow Shand) is a young farmer who lives in Akenfield, a small village in England. In 1974, Tom attends his grandfather's funeral and finds himself questioning his oppressive family history and his role within it. Will he, like his grandfather and father before him, never escape the secure but dreary existence that farming life in Akenfield holds in store for him? Or will he take a chance and venture out into the world beyond and possibly suffer as a consequence?
12 / 98 mins
Peter Hall / Ronald Blythe